Becoming A Teacher

Rushcliffe Swimming Club’s teachers are all volunteers – mostly parents of children at the club who are willing to give up a little time once a week to help keep the club going.  As children grow older and leave the club, so often do the parent teachers.  With your help we can keep good teacher-child ratios.

We currently have some gaps, and would welcome new volunteers.  Please consider whether you would be willing to help out…but before you do, here are a few facts:

  • All teachers are required by the Amateur Swimming Association to be trained to at least a Level 1 Teaching qualification.  This involves a part time course over ten weeks.  Rushcliffe Swimming Club will fund the full cost of training for our volunteer teachers.
  • Once qualified, teachers usually take lessons for one hour either on Saturday morning, or Tuesday evening sessions.  In return, swimming lessons for your children and entry on Sundays to the family swim are free
  • If you are unable to make a particular week because you are away, other teachers will normally be able to cover for you.
  • You do not need to be a competent swimmer to be able to teach swimming – you learn all the information you need from shadowing teachers and from the course.  In fact, many people find their own swimming improves as a result!  More important is to have a confident and friendly manner with the children.
  • You learn to teach all levels from beginners through to the lanes.  There’s normally the opportunity to teach the level you feel happiest with, or move around if you want to build up more experience.
  • Most importantly, our teachers will tell you that teaching swimming is fun and rewarding.  As Nick Brown says, who started teaching 18 months ago:

 “I was apprehensive about volunteering partly because I never had any sort of teaching role before, and partly because I’ve never been a competitive swimmer myself.  But once I plucked up the courage to volunteer I found I enjoyed the course, and have really enjoyed the teaching since then.  I look forward to Saturday mornings – and with 3 kids in the club it’s nice to feel I’m able to put something back.”

And more recently, Margarou Antcliffe who started teaching on Saturday mornings:

 "Xenis and I first joined Rushcliffe Swimming Club in May 2010. It had been recommended to us by a family member. My first impression of the club was it was very welcoming and we soon felt we belonged. As soon as I expressed an interest in becoming an Instructor a mentor was quickly found for me to shadow. Helen was very inspirational and over the coming months she taught me no end. Helen encouraged me to take over her class on several occasions. It really helped build up my confidence and prepared me for the training course in June. I am passionate about children learning to swim at an early age, learning and developing their swimming skills. I learnt to swim as an adult and it is an essential life skill.

I am pleased to have become an instructor. I find I am rewarded as much as the children. The training course involved a week, but thereafter teaching is only 1 hour on a Saturday morning term time only. I am there anyway for Xenis's lesson..

I feel my contribution is really valued, as the club is short of qualified instructors."

If you are interested in volunteering, or just finding out more, please speak to any of our teachers or the committee member on duty.

Thank you

Your Swimming Club Committee and Teachers.


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