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We Swim to France... and Back!

posted 8 Aug 2012, 13:55 by Luke Vanhegan   [ updated 8 Aug 2012, 14:19 ]

Rainbows Hospice

Our sponsored swim was a great success.  As a club, we swam across the English channel an incredible 3 times, and raised over £800 for the Rainbows Hospice charity.  Very well done to everyone who took part, and a big 'Thank You' to Andy Young and his team for organising the event.

Over one Saturday and one Tuesday swim session 66 children swam an amazing total of 5949 lengths.  This equates to a total distance of 73.93 miles (the English Channel is only 21 miles), and on average every swimmer swam over 1 mile. 
What's even better is that Capital One have offered to match the £875.05 that we raised.

The fundraising team at Rainbows Hospice sent us a certificate to acknowledge our achievement and said:

"Thank you very much for your email and we think that everyone has done amazingly well, congratulations to everyone that has taken part and hope that you all had fun completing this challenge."

Overall, a great effort by all involved, and a great result.  Well done!