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Sponsored Swim 2018

The Friary drop in centre
Download a sponsorship form
We are planning another Swimathon this year as the last time we did one was 2016!

This sponsored swim event will take place on Saturday 30 June (from 8am) and Tuesday 3 July (from 8pm).  We can also include the Sunday family swim on 1 July when Distance Badges will be taking place.

Our goals are to see how far we can swim collectively as a club, and at the same time raise money for the Friary drop-in centre.

Can we (together) swim 150 km which is 93 miles?
    40 x 25m lengths of the pool equals 1km

So, get hold of a Sponsorship Form as soon as you can.  Get as many people to sponsor you as you can, and then see how far you can swim!

New for this year, you can pay your sponsorship monies straight to the Friary via a JustGiving page that has been set up for our event.

There are a few ground rules to help this event run smoothly so here goes….. 
  1. Open to children swimming in the big pool and little pool.
  2. Children to swim in normal lesson time on a Saturday and Tuesday unless pre-arranged with their teacher.
  3. Children can include their Distance Badge swimming on Sunday 1 July (normal distance badge rules apply), or just swim lengths as part of the fun family session.
  4. If a child wants to opt out of the sponsorship side, that is OK, but we will not be running separate lessons on this date, so children will be expected to ‘distance’ swim during that lesson time.
  5. Having a breather/short rest (holding the side) during the swim is OK on the Saturday, Tuesday or family swim session.  However the Teachers have the final say, if they judge a swimmer is too tired, or causing too much disruption / delay to others they may ask the swimmer to get out of the pool until they feel they are ready to carry on.  (If they are swimming as part of their Distance Badge, holding the side is not allowed.)
  6. Teachers will group swimmers into lanes of similar ability / speed.
  7. We will ensure all swimmers have an appropriate warm up.
  8. Parents are needed to help out (count lengths for your child or others) cheer on encouragement.
  9. Our sponsorship form will shortly be available to download and paper copies will also be available at your lesson. Please remember to get the names and addresses of your sponsors and a tick in the gift aid box (where appropriate) so we can maximise the money we raise.
  10. Swimmers must bring in their form on the morning of the swim. This will be signed off by a club official with the number of lengths they swim. 
We think this is a fun idea to spice up our swimming lessons and do some good at the same time. We hope you agree!