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Rushcliffe Leisure Centre Closing?

posted 13 Nov 2013, 12:45 by Luke Vanhegan   [ updated 13 Nov 2013, 12:49 ]
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It's not definite, but it's a very real possibility that Rushcliffe Leisure Centre could close according to plans being put forward by Rushcliffe Borough Council.  This doesn't mean that we won't have anywhere to swim in the future, IF this happens, as the current Council proposal is to develop the leisure facilities, including a new pool, at Rushcliffe Arena on Rugby Road in West Bridgford.

One possible outcome is that Rushcliffe Swimming Club ends up with no, or unaffordable pool time at the new venue.  We need your support to make sure that does not happen!

The view of the club Committee if the plans go ahead, is that the club must continue, offering the same service to swimmers in the community, running on the same volunteer basis as it does now, at the new venue.  At the new venue, the club must also have the same terms & conditions, and costs as it does now.

The Council are open to receiving comments on their proposal during the consultation period up until 6th December (though why not send them your thoughts today!), so you have the opportunity to make your views on this, and in particular, the future of your swimming club known to the body at the council making the decision.  There is a specific page on the council website about this.

Our most experienced Teacher, Rod Jones, is also a Liberal Democrat Councillor for Musters ward in Rushcliffe Borough Council.  The following is an extract from the regular newsletter that was sent out to Ward members at the end of October, and is very relevant to the situation of our club:

Leisure Centre Changes Planned by Rushcliffe Council  This report was approved at Rushcliffe Cabinet on Tuesday 15 October.  [The report can be seen here at >council>Cabinet15 Oct>item 5. ]   Appendix 1 lists what might and might not be provided at the Arena. <<...>> You will see that consultation is planned before the end of this year.  Your Councillors have been regularly pressing for equivalence:- that any new provision should not involve less or dumbed down facilities and must enable continued provision for voluntary sport groups.  We say the last thing a forever enlarging WB needs is less leisure provision.  The expressed views of residents matters most. If you have a view about Leisure Centre provision make sure it is heard.  You are not obliged to wait to be asked.

The club Committee is asking club members to take a few minutes to let the Council know how important it is that Rushcliffe Swimming Club can continue to run at Rushcliffe Arena (if the move goes ahead), on the same basis as it does now.  

You could also include your thoughts on how valuable your club swimming lessons have been to you and your family in learning to swim, or even in becoming a swimming teacher or lifeguard for the leisure centre.  You could also write about how important it is to have our club in the community that you live in, and how the club has increased your use of the facilities at the leisure centre.

If you're opposed to the Council's plans in general, please feel free to send a separate message to the council.

There are a few ways you can let the council know about your support for your club:
  • Use the online survey on the web site - there is a link to the survey in the middle of this page.  (Remember, the club committee is not against the potential move.  We want to ensure that the club continues in the same format at the new location).
  • You can pick up a leaflet at Rushcliffe Leisure Centre, Rushcliffe Arena or Rushcliffe Community Contact Centre - fill in the survey and post it to Rushcliffe Borough Council, Freepost MID 18658, Nottingham, NG2 5YD.
Please also feel free to copy Rod Jones (, or Councillor Eddie Fearon (the lead cabinet member of the Council who is leading the working group) at

Your club needs just a few minutes of your time to make sure our future is secure if this plan goes ahead.

Thank you for your support.
Your Committee at Rushcliffe Swimming Club.