Saturday 7th July is Mini-Gala day for all you beginner and intermediate swimmers!   These are mainly fun events organised by the Teachers, with some modest competition, for all children that don't swim in the deep end of the pool.  Every child who takes part will receive a small 'prize' that has been donated to the club by Nottinghamshire County Council.

The Mini-Gala will replace the usual half-hour lessons for Beginners and Improvers.  The next two older groups, swimming from the island next to the deep end, and in the 10 meter area will be slightly different: Instead of the normal half hour session there will be 1 hour sessions: 8-9 and 9-10.  So if you usually start at 08:30, come at 08:00 instead to join in the whole session.  Likewise, 09:00 instead of 09:30.

Most importantly, join in, do your best, and have fun!