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Distance Badges - 20,000 metres!

posted 8 Nov 2017, 12:52 by Luke Vanhegan
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In total, our swimmers managed to achieve just shy of 20,000 metres on Sunday 5th November, from the longest at 5000m from Miss Isobel C to young Bryn W who managed his first swim at 10m.

Thanks to the teachers, parents and children who came to the Distance Badge session on the morning and for some 'shout outs' to noticeable performances.

Others where:

  • Adam A 3000m
  • Ned & Emma B who each did 2000m
  • Iona T who reached 2000m as well
  • Pollyanna S who did 100m but hadn't been in the 25m pool properly.
  • Bethany H who also managed to do 200m with little big pool experience

Well done to all!