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2019 Tim Dunne Award

The Tim Dunne Award 2019

The club has been awarding a trophy each Autumn since 2018 since the award was established, in memory of Tim Dunne.  Tim was a lane swim teacher well liked and respected by fellow teachers and students alike. I'll not go into detail about Tim as a person but as a club we wanted to do something as a token of our respect and affection for Tim and to reward and encourage swimmers in the lanes.    

The criteria for consideration of nominees each year is, 

  • Commitment - attendance, willingness to listen and learn, effort; 
  • Attitude - including humour, manners and attitude to peers;
  • Improvement - technique, stamina.

With no gala this year at which to make a presentation, the award was presented on poolside on Saturday 14th December.  

The nominees for 2019 were;

Isaac O'Neill

Isaac receiving the award

Isaac has recently been moved up to the next swimming lane. 

He has been the only boy in the group with a lively bunch of girls for a long time.

He arrives each week with a smile and is enthusiastic, polite and always tries his best.

He has improved hugely over the last few months and always takes on board everything the teacher suggests.

Best of all, he is able to laugh at himself when it comes to 'star floats' as he is one of life's natural sinkers - no matter what we have tried - he sinks! And he always laughs.

Clem Hague

Clem swims at 9am, and his teacher confirms he is really committed, always very helpful and has some great ideas for the sessions. 

Barney Taylor 

Barney swims at 9:30am, he was nominated for his enthusiasm, drive, and always listens intently during the lessons with a smile on his face.

 Bliss Faloon

Bliss attends lessons every single week without fail. She is really attentive, considerate, polite, listens, wants to improve and supports her teammates. She embodies the love of swimming. She always arrives and leaves with a smile on her face week in week out. As well as swimming 8 - 9:00 Bliss also helps with the beginners 9 - 10:00

 Katie Fairhurst

Katie is a pleasure to teach. She has a really good attitude, listens well, always commits herself to the lesson, tries hard and never gives in. As a result both her swimming and fitness and strength have improved and continue to do so.

 The award this year went to Isaac O'Neill. Very well done Isaac!   Keep it up.  

And well done to all those nominated.  Being nominated means that your teachers recognise that you are working hard at your swimming and we hope, enjoying your swimming sessions. 

The Ken Melson Proficiency Award

Mikey Gibbons has been awarded this award in recognition of the amazing progress made over the last year.