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Tim Dunne Award 2019

posted 12 Feb 2020, 04:02 by Richard Gaunt   [ updated 12 Feb 2020, 04:21 ]

The club has been awarding a trophy each Autumn since 2018 since the award was established, in memory of Tim Dunne.  Tim was a lane swim teacher well liked and respected by fellow teachers and students alike. 

The criteria for consideration of nominees each year is, 
  • Commitment - attendance, willingness to listen and learn, effort; 
  • Attitude - including humour, manners and attitude to peers;
  • Improvement - technique, stamina.
Congratulations to the nominees for 2019, Isaac O'Neill, Clem Hague, Barney Taylor, Bliss Faloon and Katie Fairhurst. 

The winner of the award for this year went to Isaac - congratulations to you, and long may you keep enjoying swimming.

Click 2019 Tim Dunne Award to find out more.

Gala Results 2018!

posted 18 Nov 2018, 09:42 by Luke Vanhegan   [ updated 18 Nov 2018, 09:43 ]

University of Nottingham Swimming Pool
Gala results are now in - you can see them 

A massive Well Done to everyone who took part in the evening, and for creating such a good atmosphere!  From the Swimmers, to the Helpers and to our Committee members for organising it - Great job everyone!

Have a look at the results to find out you got on.

2018 Swimathon!

posted 20 May 2018, 02:32 by Luke Vanhegan

Our 2018 sponsored swim will be on Sat 30th June and Sun 1st and Tue 3rd of July, raising money for the Friary Drop-In Centre.  This year's target is 150km or 6000 lengths - can we swim that far together as a club??

Get your sponsorship forms from the front desk or download one from our Sponsored Swim page.

6000 lengths... it's a long way!  Can we do it....?

Gala Results

posted 17 Nov 2017, 23:22 by Luke Vanhegan

Gala results are now in - you can see them here.  A big Well Done to everyone who took part in the evening, from the Swimmers, to the Helpers and to our Committee members for organising it.  Great job everyone!

Have a look at the results to find out you got on.

Distance Badges - 20,000 metres!

posted 8 Nov 2017, 12:52 by Luke Vanhegan

Image result for 5k
In total, our swimmers managed to achieve just shy of 20,000 metres on Sunday 5th November, from the longest at 5000m from Miss Isobel C to young Bryn W who managed his first swim at 10m.

Thanks to the teachers, parents and children who came to the Distance Badge session on the morning and for some 'shout outs' to noticeable performances.

Others where:

  • Adam A 3000m
  • Ned & Emma B who each did 2000m
  • Iona T who reached 2000m as well
  • Pollyanna S who did 100m but hadn't been in the 25m pool properly.
  • Bethany H who also managed to do 200m with little big pool experience

Well done to all!

New Arena - Some Guidelines

posted 13 Jan 2017, 12:43 by Luke Vanhegan   [ updated 13 Jan 2017, 12:45 ]

Having successfully completed our first Sat, Sun and Tue sessions at the new Arena facility, please note the following housekeeping or facility guidelines:-
  • For welcome, convenience and staying dry, we’re placing the club desk in the entrance of the changing rooms.
  • The pre-swim showers at the entry point are to the pool area aren’t supposed to have shampoo or conditioner products used here.  This is a requirement of the leisure centre and is in place to avoid H&S slip hazards.
  • Post-swim showers are located on the right hand side of the pool exit area.  We’ve requested signage to inform everyone of this.
  • The additional committee or helpers available for escorting younger children to the small teaching pool is working well – thanks for your cooperation here
  • For those who don’t know, the Steam & Sauna rooms on poolside will be open on Sunday mornings for us to use – they’re really good!
In case you're not sure where your lesson is, have a look at the lesson layouts below. They show the lesson names and where they were in the old pool, and where they are in the new pool.  If you're still not sure, ask a committee member at the pool on Saturday or Tuesday - they will be happy to help.

 New - Rushcliffe Arena Lesson Layout

Arena Lesson Layout
(click to enlarge)

Old - Rushcliffe Leisure Centre Lesson Layout

Rushcliffe Leisure Centre Lesson Layout
(click to enlarge)

See you all at the next session and thanks for all your support in the first week.

Happy New Year - Happy New Pool!

posted 6 Jan 2017, 01:48 by Luke Vanhegan   [ updated 6 Jan 2017, 01:48 ]

Rushcliffe Arena Swimming Pool
Happy New Year!  Our next swimming lessons will be at the NEW Rushcliffe Arena swimming pool on:  
  • Saturday 7th January, 8-10am.  
  • Tuesday 10 January, 8-9pm.  
The new pool is looking great and we can't wait to try it out.

There will be the normal registration desk on arrival for your child to ‘sign in’ - please make sure you do.  Due to the layout of the new pool area, parents will not be allowed pool side to spectate as was the case at the old Leisure Centre.  This is something that Rushcliffe Arena have specified.  However, parents will be allowed in the changing rooms with their child/children.  Committee members and teaching helpers will be there to take children to their correct lanes for their lesson to avoid confusion. 

We can of course expect to have some initial teething problems so would ask that parents bear with us and also feedback if you feel any aspect is not working especially well. We're keen to make sure things are as good as they can be!  It will be a learning curve for us all with some swimming groups needing a larger degree of adaptation than others.

See you all on Saturday and Tuesday!

5000 Metres - Awesome!

posted 5 Jan 2017, 12:33 by Luke Vanhegan   [ updated 5 Jan 2017, 12:34 ]

5000 metres!
Well done to everyone who took part in our latest Distance Badge session on 4th December.

A special mention goes to Hannah Walker, 13, who completed an amazing 5k (250 lengths of the pool).  It took Hannah 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete the distance which had not been attempted in recent years.  Afterwards her proud mother, Gergana, said that Hannah was 'pleased but tired' to have completed the distance.

A big thanks goes to swim teacher Wendy Conibear for supervising and observing everyone who took part in the session.

2016 Gala Results

posted 2 Dec 2016, 12:39 by Luke Vanhegan   [ updated 2 Dec 2016, 12:40 ]

Well done to everyone who took part in the club gala this year.  It was a fantastic evening and we hope everyone had a great time - you certainly all looked like you did!

The results have now been collected, and you can see how you did against the other swimmers in your age group.

We will also post the results at swimming lessons over the next few weeks.

Well done everyone!

Tim Dunne Fundraising Page

posted 12 Sep 2016, 08:05 by Luke Vanhegan   [ updated 12 Sep 2016, 08:06 ]

Tim's family have set up a fundraising page on Just Giving to support the many clubs that Tim was involved in.  As well as our club, Tim was a coach at Portland Swimming Club, managed at football team at West Bridgford Colts, and was a big support at 4Life Triathlon Club. 

Please use this link in case you wish to contribute in his memory:

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